Loft a simple subD plane for a cushion shape


Can’t seem to perform this sweep to create a cushion shape. I’d like to sweep a SubD plane around the quarter radius rails to create a quarter radius cushion.
Been doing my due diligence with tutorials but still coming up short. Tried using the existing faces / edges of adjascent cushions, tried making new edges / faces. Tried leaving shape open on one face as that’s what seems like the tutorials show Sweep2 | Rhino 3-D modeling

cushions.3dm (3.9 MB)

Any advice much appreciated,



Hi Revel, try:

  1. DupBorder on one of the flar vertical faces marking the end of the arc cushion.
  2. Revolve >SubD output, 10 sections on the center of the arc, 90 degrees.
  3. Rotate a copy of the first vertical subD the same 90 because the other one does not quite line up as far as I can see.
  4. Join all three
  5. RemoveCrease around the hard edges.


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example Sweep2:

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thanks guys. I still cannot get the subD sweep to work, but I did have success with the revolve.