SubD object did not show in Twinmotion?

I tested subd in Rhino 7 as picture below:
I also create a cube to test apply material.
After finish in Rhino 7. I save as to Rhino 6.

I create new file Rhino 6. Use Insert feature/set as Group.
They keep all layer + shape of model. 1 subD object and 1 simple cube.
But When I link to Twinmotion. They did not show subD object. They only show layer name but there are no model.

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Hi - you will have to report this to the Twinmotion people.

Hi @wim
I also posted in Twinmotion forum. waiting for reply
Do you have any suggestion?

Hi Travis - until Twinmotion fixes this (*), you could probably manually extract the render mesh of SubD objects. Those should then show in Twinmotion.

(*) Since SubD modeling never was really implemented in Rhino 6 but rather just “tolerated”, it is very well possible that Twinmotion isn’t going to implement SubD extraction until Rhino 7 is released but that is just speculation on my part.

You can extractrendermesh on the subd objects before you export. Does that help?

Hi @wim and @Holo
I test extractrendermesh command. It worked:

I encounter other issue. How could I update (or repload) model if I change design in Rhino 7?

Hi Travis -

I don’t know Twinmotion other than from a recorded webinar -
From that, it appears there should be a Synchronize button in Rhino when you have installed the Direct Link plug-in.


Hi @wim
There’s confusion. I mean update Rhino file. Because I save as Rhino 7 to Rhino 6.
Then create Main Rhino 6 > Insert Rhino 6 file.
I mean update this Rhino 6 file after change design in Rhino 7.

Can you back save it to v6 from v7 after changing it, with the same name? that should allow TM to see it when you reopen your TM scene.

Haven’t tried it, but it should work…

Can we update Insert file (setting Group) in Rhino 6?

Hi -

No, not when you insert as a group. Only when you insert it as a block.

Thank @wim
I test Insert > setting Block. They will be consider as 1 object in Twinmotion.

Hi Travis - yes, and with that we’re back at your other thread where we pretty much concluded that you shouldn’t be using blocks when working toward Twinmotion. The difference now, though, is that you are using Rhino files and that it should be easier to control the layer structure and issues with exploding blocks to layers.

The better workflow, if you ask me, would be to only model what’s needed in Rhino 7 and just copy that into your Rhino 6 document that you link with Twinmotion. I don’t have Twinmotion so I can’t test that workflow for you.

Hi @wim
I agree with you. delete and re-import model everytime change design in Rhino 7.