SubD-Multi Sweep1?

Hi @DanielPiker

Thankyou so much for SubD - multi pipe !

I was curious if a SubD-Multi Sweep 1 would be available as well in Rhino V7 ?

Being able to adjust rail, and profile curves in history mode would be awesome !

Thanks again

not exactly the answer you want but many years ago I did that. There are many limitations as I do the script for me and as I can modify them if I have problems. Sure Daniel Piker will provide some marvelous tools.

You will find here a script slightly modified and outputting a SubD and to output or not the end.
I thinks all tricks of this tool are explained in previous discussion.

thicken (28.9 KB)

If you want a better control, the best is to use polyline and move control points.

Transforming to Brep and capping

There is an option to add more faces at the end. The more points the more rounded.

You can control the end also by adding a control point.
Here without

A control point added

So as a conclusion, work with polylines. It is like for SUBD where you work with meshes or control points.