Error on Multipiping Multiple Curves on Grasshopper

Hello, I am trying to multipipe a large group of curves on GH. Although it is piping well on rhino, I keep getting disjoint subd geometries even the curves are connected. So the question is, what is the workaround of getting clean results with subd for grasshopper? Or is there another way of getting these geometries other than multipipe?

This is the result with GH multipipe

This is the result with Rhino multipipe

P.S, I often have the same results with a small number of curves. The thing is, it always is happening if I have a large number of curves.

Thanks in advance.
Subd.3dm (3.2 MB) (24.3 KB)

You have small gaps between many of the lines in your input where they are not actually connected.
This component will clean these up for you (25.1 KB)
Topologizer.gha (19 KB)

Thanks, works great!!

I have a question though, what is the reason that multipiping same lines works on rhino but not on grasshopper?

The Rhino command does some more automatic pre-processing of the input curves and lines, to split them at intersections and join small gaps.
The same level of pre-processing could be added to the Grasshopper version, but in Grasshopper you can also do this and other more customised sorts of splitting/joining/dividing etc of your curves input by wiring other components before it in a way that isn’t so easy to specify with the command line version.

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