Wish: Suggestions for Multipipe

i am kind of falling in love with that Multipipe, what a great tool for quickly creating gridy like structures or quick pipes of all sorts.

Enable History
now if i stretch a curve/line or anyhow change the input geometry, it would be good to have that hooked up to history, that these changes would reflect in the created subd, which does not seem to work, if i did not miss anything.

Variable Thickness
i am not fully mistaken the command was derived out of the Skeleton Fattener from @DanielPiker who i believe we have to thank for implementing this as a command. Daniel would it be possible to add something for node thickening like in Grasshopper? something like the normal pipe command has maybe with variable radius.

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Hi -

RH-58351: SubDThickenCurves history support

I see that was mentioned by Daniel in an earlier post but I now made sure that it’s on the list:
RH-62305: MultiPipe: Allow per node radius inputs


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