SubD GH to Rhino and Record History

Watching a few SubD tutorials and it looks useful how you can have Record History enabled so if you do a transform such as flow along curve and make a subsequent change to the input curve then the subD transform updates.

If I use Grasshopper to parametrically create a starting subD Multipipe and then apply a series of transforms in Rhino, is there anyway that updating the GH starting subD could then have the same transforms applied?

I guess the answer is no because you can’t reference a GH object in Rhino and it must be baked from GH?

Also, any info on how the MultiPipe inputs work? They are sort of intuitive but often nothing happens when I change some of them. (presumably because I am trying to make non-sensical changes) (15.5 KB)

Hi @martynjhogg

See this example file (107.2 KB)
and some brief notes on the inputs:
MultiPipeNotes.pdf (477.3 KB)

The reason you weren’t seeing any change with those sliders was the value ranges.
EndOffset works as a multiple of NodeSize, and there is not enough room along the struts of your shape to offset the first edge loop 16 times the radius away from the node without it crossing over the loop being offset from the other end of the strut.
When there is not room for both the EndOffset loops, it makes a single loop in the middle of the strut


Thank you, those notes are great

Hi @DanielPiker and thanks for this example. I would like to know if there is a chance to set “StrutSize” as a list of numbers per strut. So far I did an attempt with dividing each strut with additional node points (to be able to set size of each). Is there a better approach?