MultiPipe from mesh lines is distorted

If you create mesh box, and use its lines for multipipe - the result is distorted

mesh box multipipe.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hi @Buhevo,

We are aware of this issue, and the next version of the tool will include some more options to help with this.
One fits a cube at the nodes when the angles are within a given threshold of being mutually orthogonal. The other makes a radial arrangement.


Also, will be there a way to force symmetry? Here for exapmle its not symmetrical as expected:

hi @DanielPiker
When will Multipipe be added to Grasshopper? Will it be added to version 7.1 for the next version because it is so much needed

Hi @Buhevo & @architect.civil5 ,

A big update with the new Grasshopper MultiPipe component just went in the other day. It should be in the next public release :grinning:
This uses a different approach which does generally give symmetrical results when the input curves are symmetrical.


Is it normal that I still dont see it in Gh?
latest Rhino 7

Do you have your update frequency set to Service Release Candidate?

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