Gh Multipipe Issue with intersections

I’m trying to make a Multipipe in Grashopper to be the same as the one made in Rhino, and I’m facing a issue with the middle intersection. None of the Gh objects can see the middle circle as an object to smooth the intersection. What am I doing wrong?

Multipipe Intersection.3dm (1.2 MB)
Multipipe (15.8 KB)

But, another issue is why doesn’t Subd work with hystory like normal pipe does? That way I wouldn’t need Gh for this.

Ok, if I split the central line in Gh it works, but the result is “deformed” in the instersections points

The object on the left is the Gh one, not round like the one made in Rhino (right one). I coundn’t find the right parameters in Gh to make it the same as in default Rhino.

Using an EndOffset of 0 gives you the same result as the Rhino command:
Multipipe (9.1 KB)

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As I imagined, it was an skill issue, thanks Daniel!
Not exactly the same, but as far as I’ll need, it is perfect!

…As in the old days where we dreamed of multipipes and hystory enabled pipes, where sweeps lofts and sweeps and multiple flows took place instead, we dream for the day of a hystory enabled subd will come to our lands, because no comand is never good enough for the peasant users, they’ll always greed for more…

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