SubD Fun Stuff

Just some SubD fun Stuff I do for an art Exhibition in Kassel, Germany with the WIP 7 and Maxwell 5 Render.


are you going to show that as a 2d image, or is the sculpture going to be exhibited?

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This Print (Rendering) were shown exactly in the room who it shows. It is about ho we are used our cognitive stuff to get to things and it is about our point in the pipeline what we know and what we are not knowing.
This is one (a cut out) is one of four prints I showed in this room. I glued the Prints to the wall like a poster.
By the way it is a “special kind” of a ballon sculpture. Not more and not less -> depends o what we know and what not - what is real and what are just thoughts

your real name isn’t jeff koons, right? :wink:


:sweat_smile: :wink:
It is just a visualization of a ballon sculpture in a reflective way

I’d be very curious to see this same scene run in rhino 7 render.

I’ve done some tests of rhino v maxwell and the image quality is very comparable, yet rhino murders maxwell in speed.

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This is a really nice idea. I doesn’t try it because I plan the whole project around the maxwell rendering (with fast cloud rendering for the printouts). And for the Maxwell workflow a lot of materials are Maxwell materials. I have to translate the scenery for Cycles and like you - I believe the result will look very nice. The differences shouldn’t be very heavy - here is nothing with heavy caustic reflections(not the windows - they are flat) (for me in this part maxwell looks better).
I will give it a try and show you :slight_smile:

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So cute, nice work.

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