SubD for the win


Love it. We can now import meshes from marketplaces, smooth them and render natively inside Rhino.

Used “toSubD” on the frame and the candles. Rendered in Bella+Rhino with dispersion.
Model from Welcome | CGTrader


Cool rendering

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I really love every single rendering coming from you @ThomasAn!

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Wow, thanks a lot @benedict I appreciate that :+1:

may I ask what renderer you use? I use Maxwell since (many) years and prefer it (still) to any alternative. I secretly hope you will say Maxwell :crossed_fingers: :crazy_face:

Technically you could probably say that I guess.
The original Maxwell engineers left a few years ago and now develop Bella. A new project from the ground, but same engineers.
A lot of these are Bella renders (occasionally I also try my hand with Cycles).

I haven’t been following the Maxwell releases, but your Maxwell is likely code these former Maxwell developers wrote a few years ago.

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