SubD Fleur-de-lis band

A simple SubD Fleur-de-lis band.


Hi @t.shinya
another very beautiful ring, enjoying seeing your work.
I was wondering, since you do a lot of scroll style designs with SubDs, do you start with MultiPipe? or sweeps + offsets ? or simply extruding faces to build the shapes?
or perhaps another way ? or a combo?
I’m asking because the other day, I needed to make some scrolls like shapes, and found myself pushing and puling for far too long trying to get the shapes right…?

with thanks

@t.shinya looks awesome! How did you get the materials to show this way? Is it one subd object or several with the materials applied per object?


Hello @Akash,

Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, it takes time for me to fine-tune the shapes.
I normally watch Youtube on one screen and move control points on another screen. :grinning:

As far as initial geometry creation goes, I’m still trying to figure out the best way as well.

  • 3D Face command with From Edge option.
    This is good but it requires an extra click when you choose edges.

  • Draw curves and run Multipipe
    I can’t seem to find an option for the geometry orientation. The profile is rotated and the outcome is not ideal. Also, the command still has a few bugs. RH-61515 , RH-61546

  • Extrude edges with Gumball
    So far, this is the best option in my opinion, although it takes time.

I’m going to try SubSweep1 next.


Thank you for sharing!

Yes, the gold part is a separate SubD object.
The ring has 2 parts. (background and the rest)

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Beautiful :slight_smile: What rendering software are you using?

How long did it take from start to finish. Have you tried any 3d printing?

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This one is rendered with Maverick.
I think it took me 2-3 hours total including rendering time.
It could be quicker if I knew the design, but I design as I model.
I haven’t printed this model but I have printed many models in the past.