SubD pierced ring


Well done!!
Thanks for sharing this!!

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What rendering engine please

Hi @t.shinya
very nice scrolls ring, and beautiful render.

May I ask if you don’t mind, from a practical perspective. How do you intend to achieve the polished finish on the pierced areas? as these areas will be pretty rough coming out of the printer.

with thanks


I used the Maverick render.

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Yes, jewelers will hate me. :joy:
When my company prints a ring with intricate patterns, they spend a lot of time cleaning.
The resin model and casting can contribute to the finish, but it will not be polished as rendering shows. To be honest, this is not a production-ready model and I just wanted to share as a SubD model example. Some areas are too thin and please consider this as a concept model.

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Well… I’m a also a goldsmith, and I realy don’t _ _ _ you :slightly_smiling_face:
If your model is 100% subD, then you are perhaps aware of @theoutside video showing how to inflate subD with move UVN? You can quite quickly create from the beautiful concept a production model thick enough where needed.
it will still be a lot of work for the goldsmith to get into the pierced spaces, [I have a bunch of specially hand made tools just for these tricky areas. And perhaps another thing [you are probably aware of] is to add to the render, bump or normal maps to make the metal looks less perfect in places where it can’t be perfectly finished.

thinking a bit more, this perhaps is difficult to do in Rhino…? is to add noise just in the pierced area and keep the outer and inner parts highly polished. that will get you very close to the achievable real world look.


Yes! I saw the tutorial and learned the moveUVN recently.
That was the best command that I learned this year. :slight_smile:

хочу так же уметь!

Excellent jewellery work!

How did you give the initial design a circular shape? Bending or flow along with surface?

Thank you!
Yes, I used Flow Along Surface for a section and copied it 4 times.

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Hello, senior

What does mean you copied it 4 times? Was the flat model four separate pieces and then you curved each one separately?


I modeled only this part using Flow Along Surface.
Then, the section was copied and rotated.
I could make the overwrapped area simpler design but this happens when you work on CAD at midnight. :joy:

Something like this.