SubD scroll ring


That is so nice! Really beautiful shape and harmony, and a tasteful rendering that brings the colors together with just enough highlight to make the image pop.
Would love to see it in real life, I imagine the small details would require an incredibly steady hand though.


Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you for posting!
Your Instagram account really has some impressive pieces too! :slight_smile:

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@t.shinya do you use grasshopper?
just amazed at your work!

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also how long does it take model and
render one ring?

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Thank you, @Toshiaki_Takano !

I’ve started learning Grasshopper but I only use Peacock tools for now.
I’m not in a production environment and hardly reuse models.

If I know the design I can quickly model but I design as I go.
Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes only a few hours.
It also depends on the complexity of a design as well.

My laptop normally can render an image within 10 minutes.
I render a dozen and choose the best one from them.

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I read in other threads you use maverick render.
do you use studio ver. or indies ver. ?
Also do you use the plugin for rhino?

all your renders look quite amazing.

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I have the Studio version. Their plugin is fairly new and it doesn’t work well half of the time.
If you want to render silver patina material, I’ve seen really good renderings with Keyshot.
Also, I feel that Vray renders diamond material better, but it could be just my settings.

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Thank you again.
I’ll try the trial version and check out the UI.

I’d get keyshot if it was half the price…

You are welcome! I think Maverick is a good start although I’m still trying to find a better rendering software that is easy to use and gives me realistic renderings. Maybe, I just need to learn more. :slight_smile:

This person renders jewelry the best in my opinion.

There’s a way to get a full features Keyshot pro license for a lot less. But it won’t be directly linked to Rhino.

you’ll need Zbrush in between Rhino and Keyshot. So it may, or may not, be of use to you?
That special version cost 400$ [for the pro version] + 150 for the Bridge. the only limitation is that imports are blocked, so you can only use it with the ZB bridge.
It’s a good workflow for artistic freedom in jewellery. Rhino and Zb compliment each other well… but that is a whole different subject.



I’m ok with the cycles rendering in Rhino, but I wanted a bit more freedom in the hdri lighting
in a bit more material selection.
(maybe in V7 it’s improved…maybe I’ll check that out…)
but, your renderings made me interested in Maverick as you said in another
thread that it’s mostly default settings that you used.

keyshot is still on my list to things to get when I have more incoming projects with rendering.

Yes, the Cycles looks pretty good as well. Kyle did an awesome tutorial.