Purple garnet halo ring

Celebrating Rhino7 release! :smile:
My first model that is built with Rhino 7. (not Beta)



Which new features of V7 did you take benefit of?


Rhino 7 is a milestone for all “rhinokind”! :slight_smile:


As a former T-Splines user, SubD modeling is a huge plus!
For example, this is a very simple thing but, making this shape needs extra steps if I use NURBS.
It gives me a cleaner geometry and I can adjust the details easily with SubD.


I drew a curve and used MultiPipe command and touched up the Subobjects.


Great! Thanks for the details!

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When you render a ring like this in two-tones, would you have to rhodium plate a gold ring in manufacturing to achieve this look?

If I may, rhodium plating a gold ring would probably be the easiest method to achieve this look but not the only method (Or even casting it completely in WG and yellow gold pin plating the YG area would be easy as well.) . I think it is possible to cast the pieces separately and maybe if the manufacturer has a laser welder that would be ideal for connecting the pieces. this method however would be more difficult.

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I would cast in 2 pieces and solder together or hand fabricated the gold filigree part.

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Nicolle and Shinya, thanks for your insight. I like the idea of casting in two metals best since it’s most pure. Still trying to get a handle on what can and can’t be printed/cast to better understand the realm of possibilities and limitations. Specifically thinking about for casting more ornate beads in silver or gold, I’ve been told it’s not standard practice.

With dark background


More Shining~
nice shot :trophy:

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Hi Shinya! Did you render this with Cycles or Keyshot?