SubD Solids from complex curves or sets of curves?

Playing with SubD tonight. The goal is to extrude this Celtic style dragony shape into a solid, then SubD it so I can make it weave through itself and 3 others for a Polar Array of 4 interwoven dragony shapes.

I didn’t have any luck with any of the FillSubDHole options even just using the outer curve alone. Looks like the inner curves (that would normally be holes with ExtrudePlanarCrvSolid) end up being their own SubD objects when I SubD Extrude them together and FillHoleSubD.

I also tried turning a Nurbs PlanarSrf into SubD object but get a rectangular plane. Converting an extruded Solid from PlanarCrvsStraight into a SubD object doesn’t work either.

Any ideas? I watched and did the exercises in the SubD beginner videos, maybe these curves are too whacky? I could play with it in Nurbs, but thought SubD would make for nice easy weaving action.

Have you tried to make surface of top, quadmesh that and convert that to subd?

Quad mesh first then? I have not tried that. Tonight I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

Quad Mesh didn’t help unfortunately. I’ll see if I can just do the outer curve and make holes where needed. Trying to Ctrl+Shift Click move in Rhino6 tonight…not working either. Just too weird of a thing. Really really need an easy way to do these knots. Maybe just a centerline and raise/lowering points where they intersect and Control Point curves and then Flow, ugh.