Subd created with 1and 2 railed curve distorts when reflected, same curve works fine when supd piped

If I create a subd surface with the 1 or 2 rail command using a simple circle for a cross section it creates the subd. When I use reflect on it it deforms radically This is with either closed or open option. If I use the same curve and create a subd pipe the reflect works fine. Me or …?

Can you post the 3dm with the curves used and the result?

delme subD rail_reflected deformed.3dm (87.3 KB)

Hello - one thing I notice is that the SubDSweep radial edges are not radial - crossing one of these with the reflect plane makes a mess - by running makeSubDFriendly on the larger circle first, the SubDSweep1 is cleaner and may behave better with Reflect (so far…)


Works great: makeSubDFriendly