SubD Reflect Command

GT 40 mk2.3dm (569.2 KB)
This is my first attempt at SubD in Rhino although I did use T-Splines some time ago.
Everything was fine until I used Reflect command. I can select and adjust my surfaces etc in the horizontal plane ,however when I try to move surfaces etc. in the vertical plane they snap back and no adjustment is made. I was working in the 3D window.

Hi @blackv8,

After using Reflect only the side which was originally reflected can be edited further, the other side is a “child” and changes automatically.

So if you want to make further changes, You’ll have to do that on the original side

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Hi Lando .
I did not realise that . Thanks so much .

Only one level reflect, can not to make x, y axis reflect…!

very disappointed of the symmetry of subd of rhino 7


You can run _Reflect as many times as you want, so symmetry along X and Y Axis is possible.

See this new-ish video from @BrianJ where he models a kitchen sink in 3d with symmetry along both X and Y axis:

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Thank you Lando

I have just followed the Brians Kitchen Sink video and made my own sink.

It does includes commands that I have never used before !!