Reflect in SubD work incorrect results (in this object )

Reflect in Subd work incorrect results(in this object )

reflect-buf.3dm (85.2 KB)

I added a ring and reflect worked nicely. Sub dividing the whole geometry once also seemed to work but the protrusion creates a problem. Deleting the 4 sub surfaces and bridging the edges solved this issue.

This is not a problem, but a function error.

I mean look at the mesh, what do you expect?


T-Splines for instance doesn’t even convert the original mesh with the duplicate face.

I think it would be best if Rhino wouldn’t either, so that at least you know that your starting geometry is faulty. In general though Rhino leaves the intelligence to the user.


To correct the topology of the hole, it is enough to add one edge.
Only not the correct topology of the hole leads to the rupture of vertices elsewhere is a mistake.

That’s exactly what I suggested in my first reply in this topic…

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