SubD commands wish

Is there a particular reason, _RemoveCrease and _Crease are two separate buttons?

Much like _MakeSubDFriendly, the two options could be put into one button.

_SubDivide could have two options too, one would be Catmull Clark, the other would be a simple quad split. Just like in Weaverbird.

Please :slight_smile:

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I had already thought of that. :grin:
That is definitely more intuitive and we have an icon free for other function


Agree about putting crease and uncrease on the same button.


  1. crease/uncrease should work with pre-selection, including preselection of faces and preselection of an entire object.

  2. Selecting a subD face and clicking “crease” should crease all it’s edges. “Uncrease” should do the opposite.

  3. There should be a toggle button for subD and Mesh vertex visibility, so we can easily check if we missed something. Occasionally I’ll be struggling with a SubD object and I’ll realize that the problem was that a face has more vertices than I thought. This isn’t always visible in faceted mode because the extra vertex can in be co-linear with two others, creating the illusion of a single edge.