SubD Conversion

Just a little more positive vibe on the SubD tools you guys are developing.

I used to use Fusion 360 for my conversions of Modo .obj to nurbs but always had to be ‘overly precise’ in my modeling other-wise fusion would just spit it out with an error message. Self intersecting subD cages were a no-no. Well, Rhino’s conversion just isn’t as picky…no errors!! Fusion wouldn’t convert this model where Rhino did.

Personal project of Modo to Rhino nurbs and then rendered in Maverick Render.


Thanks for the feedback and the inspiring images, Paul!

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Cool! Do you have a G to go with it, so I can monogram my office door? :wink:


This is VERY good news indeed! Hoping to get on the bandwagon eventually. Been using the F360 loop for all things SubD to date.