SubD Between apps

Played around with Rhino’s sub-ds and found things to be quite useful. I’m not looking for a full blown sub-d solution. I use MODO for that but it will be nice if I could do my basic sub-d modeling in Rhino before sending it out. I have been using Fusion 360 to convert sub-d to nurbs and this is where the new tools in rhino interest me most. I like having the surface/solid toolset of rhino to create details.

A quick and dirty rendering of a project from MODO to Rhino, converted to sub-d and then to nurbs. Rhino’s convert to nurbs creates many more patches than Fusion. Fillets through, and near, those patches can be problematic.


This also came up during the Shape to Fabrication event in London earlier this week. Probably best to tag @dalelear to draw developer’s attention.

@PaulS, please continue to provide input about the SubD workflow as you are experimenting with it!

Here’s a screen grab to put picture to words. If one is just rendering out, there would probably be no issue but if more modeling was to be done, those patches could definitely impact negatively on workflow.

I didn’t have an answer to it at Shape to Fab, but I do now:

The reason that the ToNurbs command creates many more patches than other applications is that it’s still in development, and the patch merging code just hasn’t been written yet. The final version will create a similar number of patches to what you’re expecting.

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Excellent! I assumed something like that but just wanted to mention it.