V8 - UI Bug - Crease tool on SubD toolbar

Hi guys,
I’m using the new V8 (demo at the moment) and I CAN’T find the CREASE icon.
There’s the _SubDCrease, _RemoveCrease, but the Crease hasn’t any icon.

It’s my version or it should be there?


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Hi Riccardo - it is on Mesh Tools but I see not on SubD Tools, though Remove Crease is, that does seem incorrect to me - @BrianJ - I should add that, right?



Super Fast reply!

@pascal You can use SubDCrease and the Crease All option to do the same as Crease. Personally, I’m fine with hard creases as part of the new SubDCrease command in the SubD Tools but maybe to make it just as fast as clicking on the Crease icon we could add a RMB action on the SubDCrease icon to run Crease.

Yeah… messy overlapping tools.

If I make that change @BrianJ I suggest the RMB be

_SubDCrease _Pause _CreaseAll

So that it uses the same command… ?


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Hi Brian,
It’s probably me but SubDcrease isn’t working for vertex while the “old” crease can do it.
The new one, also, looks always like it’s making a small fillet and never a true sharp corner.
Am I missing smtg?

At the moment I can’t access the computer to try it but I’ll do it tomorrow

SubDCrease has a Crease All option that does what Crease does making a perfectly sharp crease. If you use the numeric scale instead for the crease from 0-100 with 100 being the sharpest, that will be a small fillet like round on the edge but not perfectly sharp. So the SubDCrease command can do both variable (the new part in 8) and hard creases. For a vertex selection, yes Crease will make the connected edges creases but SubDCrease doesn’t let you pick a vertex. You can get the same result though using the edges that connect at that vertex and then SubDCrease > Crease All.

@pascal This vert crease workflow difference may be reason to make the RMB Macro run Crease instead. Then both v7 and v8 crease functionality should be possible on the one icon.

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Hi @BrianJ ,
I see what you are saying. For me isn’t so clear.
If not too late I may suggest to change “creaseall” into “sharp”.
As foreign sound more understandable.

And having the old button there is still a good option in my opinion because I still want ot make some sharp edges and fillet them later as nurbs.

Eventually make a second option (rmb) on the SubDCrease with CreasAll pre-set.

thanks to considering this.