Beta Problem SubD un-crease

SubD un-crease is not in the icons anymore. I cannot find it in the drop down menu, or an option in the command line.
Any suggestions?



Hi Dave -
RemoveCrease seems to work fine in Rhino 8?

Should be in these spots too…

Thank You. Indeed the icons are there.

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I’ve asked before. Crease / remove Crease could be one button.

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They are now with the SubDCrease icon a few over from RemoveCrease :slight_smile:

Hmmmm? I don’t see that.



There used to be a command called _ToolbarReset

I hesitate running Reset.

I meant SubDCrease… If you run that command you can crease or remove crease (value of 0) or create variable creased edges or edgeloops now all within one command.


Ah ok, thanks…