SubD bevels feedback

Hi all!

For a new job i was recently hired, I’ve starting to work with Sub-D. First time for me.
Generally they works marvelously! Great stuff!
The feeling is to really have something precious on our hands!
Also, the possibility to ctrl+shift select any part at any moment is so cool!

I feel like the boundary between mesh and SubD is almost none, on current RhinoWIP.
But we cant treat one like the other, for example, booleans!
With the Extract mesh from control polygon we can convert it to a mesh, do any boolean, and with Convert to SubD back to a SubD … it would be cool to have a faster switch mesh<>SubD.


1 - generic SubD 4x4x4 cube, selected the edges that will be applied bevel function
2 - “Segments=1” (or another odd number) the intersection of 3+ different loops create triangles
note: bevel on that vertex can’t go further than midpoint… why so?
3 - “Segments=2” (or another even number) the intersection of 3+ different loops create triangles, but this time it would be best to avoid that, as it is possible!
4 - manually collapsed triangle at vertex, zerba show much better smooth curvature.
(zebra working with SubD have meshing parameters ignored…)

Other tests with flat SubD with 3,4,5,6 loops meeting at central vertex:

First column - starting SubD with selected edges that will be applied bevel
Second column - result of “Segments=1” (or odd), central ngon
Third column - result of “Segments=2” (or even), central ngon but “effortless fixable” to fourth column!

Even in different scenarios “Segment=2” is fixable by just collapsing the central ngon to a single vertex.


Hi @maje90, congrats on the new job! Is this request that I file a while back for Bevel essentially what you’d like as well?


맥닐 입사 축하드려요~^^
까다로운 섭디에 새로운 기록을 담아내길 바라요
Congratulations on joining McNeel~^^
I hope to put a new record in the tricky Sub_D


ctrl+shit-LMB I think the same way :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for late reply.

Yes, more or less the same.
Still, i’d like to note the problem about the bevel distance not begin respected on the vertex…

Can you explain more on this one, I reread your original post here but don’t know which part this refers to. You can use numeric input with Bevel and this will be the distance from the Box mode edge not the Smooth displayed edge… maybe that is part of this?

It stops ad mid-point near where edgeloop stops.

Thanks… filed as