Bevel for SubD

since holding edges are crucial in SubD, will we see a bevel/fillet/chamfer option like this ?
(ability to execute single/multiple edges)

Thanks for the request… this is filed as and Bevel works on meshes now in the v7 WIP. I don’t know when it will support SubD though.

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thnx Brian!
can you point to where edge bevel is discussed in the link you provided?
or does this request just generally fall under SubD category?

you also mentioned bevel works on meshes in WIP now. how or is there a
specific command ?

Edit: found the command ‘_Bevel’
(hopefully ‘preserve corners’ will be added as option soon :wink:

Hi - Could you describe what that option would do? If that is what you showed in the picture in the first post, that doesn’t appear to be producing a bevel at all but only insert offset edges.

yes. like in the pix. I just called it ‘bevel’ because of prev software terminology.
basically the tool adds 2 holding edges around the original & split them at the same time, so
when you convert that to SubD, you get this result:RsubD
the prob currently is how to add those edges (requires many steps)

Yelen’s request is top-of-the-list useful, just below the mesh<>SubD toggle IMO.
I hope these things can come very soon.



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SubD support for Bevel is added into Rhino WIP. See Bevel for SubD.