SUBD Backpack model

Recent backpack modeling project using subd. Imported into Blender to create the fabric folds and then rendered in Keyshot. For more similar renderings, check out this website.

Thank you BrianJ for all the help!


Awesome job @dlimonchik !


really? you just had to post a backpack model AND send me to a sight that sells backpacks! i collect backpacks, if that is even a thing. i just went through a round of buying some maxpedition backpacks and then you do this. smh :wink:

nah, seriously. nice work! i like the packs on the site too. thanks for sharing!

Absolutely amazing. I complin about putting the render in the web site. Since the render is better than the real object :wink:
Also as an industrial designer A big compliment to the design itself. The product seems to withstand rain.