Shoelast SubD manually

Hi to All.
Please, can someone to explain me how I can to do subd shoe last from stl last by manually.
I dont want use Quadremesh command - a lot of surfaces with a lot of control points.
I need to do Subd shoe last with small quantity of quads - small quantity of control points like on the picture.
For example like on this link

Is possible to work the same way in Rhino?
Many thanks for your recommendation and help.
Michal Pavlas
Lady_Mokas_38.stl (3.3 MB) control points.pdf (794.2 KB)

take a look on Sketch Retopo is a free program still on develpment. is quite helpful to make low poly models you can convert to SubD later.

this is from a sculpted mesh I made in Sculptris.
the program has some flaws and glitches and it crash quite often but is quite good

You can use the Pull command in Rhino to pull control points of a SubD to a mesh.

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My method is to model a low poly last that comes close to the last scan, and then pull the editpoints of the subD to the scan.
You need to fine tune the shape by hand when you have a minimum amount of controlpoints. And also to get the featherline right.
See an example of a low poly SubD last and how you can modify such a last.


Hallo Mr. Hondebrink
Many thanks for your help.
I try it to do last 10 days, but without succes. I want to learn to modell shoe last in Rhino, same perfect like You, because Im like you custom and orthopaedic shoemaker.
I understand you, but Im not your competitor in business. My playing territory is very small - Prague and I dont plan expand.
Maybe, I dont know, I can to help you with something or will to you pay for learning of this?
Please, thing about my offer to you.
Have a nice day.
Michal Pavlas