Subcrv causing issues?

while using ‘subcrv’ and having ‘end’ or any other options selected selected, ‘disable all’ turns on without being prompted to. this happens on its own and randomly.

Hey @Izabela, been trying to replicate this over here… with no success.

I have created a few curves and polycurves on a new file, using subcrv with different osnaps activated, and I can’t repeat what you report.

Can’t you find any behaviour that triggers the problem? Maybe send us a model this is happening on?


no. it seems very random and it happens only from time to time… kind of a rare thing. Next time it happens I will try to pay closer attention, but so far it just seems like it happened out of the blue. Hasn’t happened in a while, but then again, I’ve updated the software again so maybe it’s no longer an issue.