ExtractSubCrv "Selected object is not a polycurve"

When ExtractSubCrv rains these messages first for 30-60secs, until it will then correctly allow me to pick the sub-curve I want, what is the reason?

It’s on a pretty basic make2D, and a more recent oddity I’ve only noticed in Rhino7, not 6.

Hi Duncan - impossible to say without the curve in a Rhino file.


Hi Pascal, thanks for responding. I was able to reproduce a very soft problem with this made-up file (I mustn’t send the original one with many more curves in it).

Use the command on the red curve to see the effect: extractsubcrv-problem.3dm (493.5 KB)

Hi Duncan - thanks- I see this, I think I have an idea what is going on - thanks for sending this.

RH-68919 ExtractSubCrv - too may objects processed



I think I just observed something more: when the curve is pre-selected before you run ExtractSubCrv, this doesn’t happen. It feels almost as if it unnecessarily checks through all of the 3DM’s curves before offering to pick a subcurve.

Yeah, there were some tune-ups to speed selection made, and (my guess) this command is getting messages from that iterator as if there was an actual selection. Anyway, the bigger brains will have a look, I suspect this is not hard to fix. Famous last words.


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RH-68919 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 20

Oh wow, thanks so much Brian.

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