Sub-object displacement for polysurfaces

Displacement now allows different settings for poly-surface faces. These settings can be changed per face:

  • On
  • Texture
  • Mapping channel
  • Black point
  • White point

Other settings work on object level and they will be grayed out when sub-objects are selected.

Here’s an example of a dice poly-surface which uses multiple mapping channels and textures to create the potholes.

All feedback is welcome!


Can you add a sample of this workflow.
I can’t seem to reproduce your example since I can’t apply the mapping to a subObject only.
It would be useful to havet similar functionality in the material editor.
Introduction of Material ID’s per Sub-object and a Multi-materials type would benefit from this feature.
E.g. A simple extusion needs a different material for top/bottom and render a wooden beam.

Thanks for reporting this @Mario_ILL. Looks like the sub object displacement is broken at the moment. Filed as RH-56869