Sub D Taper Question

HI I am new to using Sub D modeling but I have a question.
I am trying to practice a tutorial and it seems very easy but every time I go to pick a face and pull up on it I get a tapper on the sides vs what should happen is it should be straight. Can anyone help or tell me what I might be doing wrong. I really appreciate any help.

check out the functionality of gumball.
in the help or some other tutorials / videos.

looks like you re using move (the arrow (6)) of the gumball.
you want the extrude function of gumball (the dot (13)).

some more advanced features

and maybe check the forum for subd and gumball …

does this help ? / solve your problem ? kind regards -tom

Amazing Problem solved. Thanks so much I really appreciate it. I can’t tell you how long it has been bothering me today. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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