Sub D reflect bug

If you are dragging on the grayer side of Reflect mode, you get unwanted results or your subD object just disappears all together.

can you post this file please?

So far it happens to any file when you pick more than one face adjacent to the symmetry after applying reflect.
Also as a user, I expect to move either side of the reflect with same results. Right now if you drag the reflect side, it does not translate to the original subD object.

the dark grey side is the “no touch side” try doing the same thing on the light grey side-

Not very user friendly though.

there is a lot of internal and external debate about reflect… I think we can all agree it’s got a lot of room for improvement.

what are your thoughts for making it better?

-Name: should be called AxialSymmetry, since that’s what you add to the model.
-Ability to add more than one plane of symmetry.
-Definitely needs to work both sides of the symmetry plane.
-no bright and dark side, this makes it difficult to evaluate the shape.


-I think the bright/dark side are ok so you know real quick you are in some sort of Symmetry. A colored divided line in between the mirror images would do it.
-Definitely needs to work on the mirror image too. In my case, I was rotating the model and suddenly the dark side is the dominant but I couldn’t work. Maybe in a complex model there are faces you can’t see and you need to rotate the model.
-A right click on the Icon to cancel the feature instead of command prompt. All live features should be canceled with the icon right click. Same with add crease/remove crease. No need for two icons.
-Reflect is fine but why not just Symmetry? or SubD Symmetry to avoid conflicts.

thanks- I’ll add this to the discussion with devs-

seems already possible:

really need this!!!