Reflected subd can no longer easily be edited

I created a subd cube and now I want to start adding some detail to it, but I discovered that after reflecting it across two planes, some simple operations no longer perform well:

EDIT: Oh, and using two symmetry planes on the same Subd seems to remove the option to remove the symmetry as well?


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The first operation I think causes a problem because you’re scaling a point which lies on the symmetry plane. I’d suggest to move control points or when you’re scaling make sure the scaling axis is parallel or perpendicular to the symmetry plane(s)

So I noticed that if you “add” a reflection again to that dual reflected object, the dual reflection gets removed and you’re back to one, so then the remove reflection option also appears… not very intuitive and a few wasteful extra steps, but works, I guess.

But I don’t get why reflections mess with the subd edges that fall upon the reflection plane:

Also, those wonky edges… they get removed once you remove the reflection… so they’re only temporary?