SubD question

I’m trying more complex geometry in SubD and can’t seem to get around this:
I deleted a face had 4 sides to replace it with two triangles (the 4 green points). I also have a hole with 3 edges (red points).
I tried these commands and all their options; Append to SubD, Fill SubD hole, creating mesh faces and joining them to the SubD…

Also, the “Reflect” button has “! _Reflect _Pause _RemoveExistingSymmetry” on the right-click. It seeems it should be “! _RemoveSymmetry” instead.

Oh! If I remove the Symmetry on the main SubD object, Append to SubD works without a fuss!
There should be a warning about that.

Hi Marc - in my quick test here, AppendFace works on an object that has Reflect applied, even across the reflection plane.


Maybe because I’m still on 7 SR15 (7.15.22039.13001)
When I use AppendFace, the faces seems to be created but as I terminate the command with Enter, they disappear.

hard to see from that image… any chance you’d post your file if you haven’t already moved on from here?

Yes, I moved on and I can’t post the model as is.
Is it worth it that I try to recreate the situation?

that is up to you- I am happy to take a peek and advise anytime I can be useful.

hi @Marc, it woudl be great of you can extract just the area with those hole switch a full polygon expansion all around, move it to World 0,0,0, and change its scale. Then share it, just this:

This is the kind of stuff that prevents me from modeling SubDs in Rhino, and every time I try, I end up quitting in 10 minutes and going to another software. The more they see this, the sooner hopefully they fix it.



append face works here as expected.

See Subd reflect symmetry remove bug? - #11 by pierrec. You can manually edit that button to run !_RemoveSymmetry on right-click, or run _ToolbarReset. However, 7.15 might be too old for _ToolbarReset to update that button to the new action, or for _RemoveSymmetry to even exist.

Hi @Marc I think that the problem is that most commands work in the light side of reflected objects, I believe that you can move but not create polygons on the dark side.