Stuck on Grasshopper Script Solution

Hi folks, I put together a grasshopper script for making a parametric louvered wall panel, but I’m stuck on how to implement the last piece I need. The script I have works fine, but I need a script to add tabs to the back edge of each louver. I’m not really sure how to do this. An image of the tab dimensions (in inches) is included, as well as the script I have so far.

I need 4 tabs along the back spine of each louver, at intervals which I can set. The tabs need to be the same thickness as the louvers. Can anyone solve this? Concept & dimensions below:

Parametric (19.9 KB)

Create the tabs in Rhino, reference them into GH, move them into place and extrude. Your GH requires a plugin which I don’t have so can’t see your code.


Party foul! Spoils the fun.

By the way, it’s a bad idea to rename components instead of their outputs.

That’s very strange, I’m just using a basic version of Grasshopper. I haven’t downloaded any extra plugins.

It got there somehow, see the white squares?

They can be replaced by the standard component:

Parametric (22.0 KB)

Which appears to work. Now what was the question? :wink:

Interesting. Glad you are able to open the file, & thank you for circling back. The “divide distance” modules work fine on my end, but my original question was about adding tabs to all the louvers, I’m stuck there (see above).

Parametric (25.2 KB)

By the way, this thread title (“Stuck on Grasshopper Script Solution”) is useless.
“louver” usually implies things that move, which these apparently don’t?

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Yes!! Thank you kind stranger! I would’ve likely never figured this out. Have a blessed day.

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