Tabs on Louvers...Again!

Hello, I’m stuck at a point again trying to add tabs to a set of parametric louvers (static). I’ve pieced together several forms from tutorials & assistance on this forum, for which I’m incredibly grateful. After receiving a script for the initial tabs, tailored for a particular louver set, I tried to link this to other louver sets I have. However, my skill in Grasshopper is still very novice, & I feel like I’m over here banging rocks & sticks together trying to make this work. Again, here is what I’m trying to achieve:

4 tabs attached to each louver (see diagrams) which I can control the position on the louvers (units in inches).

I also have included an image of the tab script & the 2 grasshopper files with the forms I’m trying to put tabs on. The tab script is in the orange box, with my amateur annotations included.
BONUS - if you can help me flip the first louver set in the ‘Parametric Wall_Smooth’ file to orient the same direction as the others.

Parametric (47.4 KB)
Parametric (37.3 KB)

Ah too bad! You didn’t understand what I did for you before? :frowning: Yet you asked no questions.

At a glance, this thread looks identical. And both of your GH files have 4 or 5 blocks of code!?

I don’t think I want to wade into this again. :man_facepalming:

Yes, it took some time (a few days) to dissect & dive into each block to try & fumble around for solutions, fruitlessly. This is me asking follow-up questions! Rather than listing all my questions, I packaged them as these here block files. Your skills are far beyond mine, & some of these modules I’m still trying to understand (I’m not a coder by trade or hobby). Your help thus far has been so valuable, I’d be happy to venmo you some gratitude. But, if it’s too much trouble, feel free to keep scrolling!

I’ll answer coherent questions about the code I posted in the other thread. I don’t consider eight+ blocks of new code to look at as coherent questions. One of the things I saw that apparently confused you was orienting the tabs to other sets of “louvers” on different planes than the original?

P.S. Do you understand this cyan group that creates the “tab”? It won’t change, regardless of where you want to put the tabs using Orient. Clear?

Yes, I understand that script makes the tab geometry, which is why I labeled it as such.

If I substitute the unit modules (x for y & vice versa) on the V.1 Basic (Para Walls_Smooth file) to rotate the orientations (I think), it throws a red flag on the RUnion module in the tab script. Also, it doesn’t rotate the assembly as I intended.

As for the rest, I am confused as to what I should be plugging the tab modules into. My best guesses about what they do are annotated in the block, but after trying what I thought the likely connections should be, all I got were angry flags from Grasshopper. Rather than making a list tree of 82 questions about individual items, I figured flattening that data tree into 2 files that illustrate my confusion would be most concise.

I am not looking at new files you posted in this thread, I am referring to the file I posted in the original thread: Parametric

Here it is again, slightly easier to read: [see version Parametric in next post]

If you understand that file completely, you won’t get lost when your “louvers” are oriented differently.

One thing that experience tells you (among many others!) is the benefit of using a base plane that all subsequent geometry is built on. You didn’t do that and I didn’t do it for you, which makes the task a little more difficult - but still far from impossible! This is a rather simple model.

I frequently don’t follow my own advice on this matter but found a recent example where I did so:

Any plane can be used and the complex pattern of triangles will be created correctly relative to it.

I haven’t gone that far with your “louvers” but did clean up the code a bit and would prefer to use this version for reference: Parametric (31.4 KB)