Stuck on fillet surface

I usually avoid posting something this simple but am at my wits end. I have made more than a few rings and ring shanks.

For whatever reason when I try to fillet the surface at .2 mm, when I go to pick the first surface I only parts of it.

This is half of the shank that I will mirror once I have the surface fillet in place.

Thank you in advance
ring6.3dm (171.5 KB)

Hi Danny,
Rebuilt the curves, remade the surfaces and joined. With chain edges selected the inside edge filletted to .2 fine.

That flat top is only .29 deep so you will not be able to fillet both edges .2. HTH

ring6_crvsRebuilt.3dm (200.8 KB)

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If you want problem-free filleting. you need to make sure your surfaces have good tangent continuity.

In the enclosed file I fixed the one surface that was not tangent (shown in red) with MatchSrf. You can then get a continuous fillet loop that can be used to trim and join to the base surfaces.
ring6x.3dm (164.7 KB)


Thank you sochin and Jim I need to spend a bit more time making sure my drawings with continuity.
Thanks again Danny

@lopacki Danny if you can accept that there is no need for jewellers to be Class A modellers then perhaps try Sub-d with Rhino. It makes the fillet problem go away and I find it much quicker.

I hear it may also help stop the demand for Emu feathers and save a lot of our Emus here from butt pain :slight_smile: Photos of a quick play in T-Splines attached. Good luck.


Thank you for this information. I will play with this in WIP. Thank you again Danny