Having troubles on fillet edge issues

Hello all.

At the moment I tried to fillet edges, Rhino always gives me the problem of creating another single piece of filleted surface instead of fillet the original one. Tried with Fillet surface command but the issue still exist.
Would my drawing be a problem or I just used the wrong command?

Thank you!

blue.3dm (881.0 KB)

hello WwwW
Tried filleting just the one side of the ear piece and it seems to work as expected.blue-try.3dm (1.1 MB) if you are saying the fillet is offset from your surface, I can’t offer an explanation other than maybe your graphics driver is a bit old but that may be a long-shot.

Hi Tone,

Oh it is not offset from my solid, I just drag it out to show that the fillet surface cannot join my original solid :frowning: It just create an extra one instead

Ah, I understand. This usually happens when the fillet radius is too great or if it is intersecting itself (going round a tight bend for example). If you look at the fillet I produced, you will see I had to adjust the fillet radius as it went round the edge: 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm etc. Logging off now, so if you still have problems someone else may be able to help.

Hi Tone,

Thank you for your help. Would you mind to tell me what command did you apply on the fillet edge?

Rhino6 fillets edges better than 5 and be sure that tolerances are fine. For instance if you scale your model 100 times and fillet using radius r*100 it will fillet better than smaller ones. Then you can scale back the 3d model.

To get nice fillets you should make nice surfaces and to get nice surfaces you need nice curves. Curvaturegraph command can help with making nice curves and spotting areas where the curvature is too small to support the size fillet that you want.
bluex.3dm (994.2 KB)

There has been practically no improvement in filletedge in the last 20 years. I’ve seen examples where the current version of filletedge fails but Rhino1 version succeeds. The UI for filletedge may be a lot better but that does little good when the geometry creation fails to work.

Filletedge generally works if you create extruded surfaces that intersect at 90 degrees as in this example. But if you model anything more complicated than extrusions that intersect at close to 90 degrees you will likely run into failure even if your geometry is good quality

That’s not very good advice. you might as well loosen the tolerance by a factor of 100. With the badly out of tolerance geometry that your technique will create any future modeling operations may become very difficult

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Hello WwwW
I used fillet edge (under the solid tab) then the AddHandle option which comes up in the command line. After placing the extra handles I manually altered them. A bit more care than I took would probably yield a better result.

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your advice!
It work better than just fillet the edge! :slight_smile:

Hi Tone,
Thank you too! It seems my last edit is lack of handles so it keeps making error

See your other thread. Curves no good. Surfaces no good. Result is that filleting is painful.