Help with filleting surface

Hey all, I need some help filleting this surface. Its basically a ring, but I need the edges to be filleted smoothly. Radius isn’t really important, I just need it smooth.

I’ve attached an image here:

I’ve included the .3dm for your reference:
ring.3dm (1.1 MB)

If anyone can help me with the fillet, or give me instructions of doing it, I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!

Rhinoceros Corporate version?

Yeah its under a license from my school I think, i’m sending it from my campus computer.

If Fillet not work, look for other method here at site 95

Hi Wangmaster - what school?

I’d do this with filletSrf- it is a little tricky to get all the transitions - you need to see which fillets are attached to which surfaces - the key ones are the red and blue in the image(and attached 3dm file), and the last bit is the cyan spheres - these are trimmed by the ends of the fillets. All the trimming and joining is up to you…=)

ring_fillets_pg.3dm (1.2 MB)



Hey Wangmaster

You should alert your school that they are using illegal software. Rhino does not – and never has – made a ‘Corporate Version’. The only time you see those words are with a cracked and illegal copy.

You have four surfaces meeting at a single point. Experience has taught me to avoid those types of intersections in the first place. Otherwise, Pascal has done an excellent work-around.

Okay wow I did not realize the software was illegal, I need to talk to my school administration about this. Thanks for the help though!

Heads up: let you IT Dept. know that McNeel sells a lab license for 20 computers for about $1000. That’s only $50 per workstation. If you’re paying tuition, there’s no excuse for this happen.

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