Stuck in blocks for apply materials

Hi every body,

I’m a beginner…
I started to work with blocks which contain sub-blocks.
Now I’m trying to assign materials.
On some I get there, for others impossible.
In addition I can’t reach a sub-block.
Should i explode them?
Why, I can’t select a sub-element,
in the block manager?
Should I export blocks and multiple files?

Thank you for your help, and stay healthy

Hello - BlockEdit should help - have you tried that?


Hello Pascal,

That’s what i’m doing, but with the same results.

I found the solution to reach my goal.
Explode the sub-blocks

Hello - you should not need to - if you want to retain the blocks, you should be able to get there via BlockEdit - depending on what you’d like to do, you may need to set a block’s objects to have materials ‘By Parent’ in their properties."By%20parent"


Merci beaucoup !
C’est exactement ce que je cherchais.
Bonne santé.