Security unblock

I’m trying to install a plugin but rhino say’s I’ve to unblock in property’s. Nhen I open property’s I dont see the unblock button. Does anybody know how to unblock in another way?

This sounds like you have a plugin file which you downloaded from the internet. When you do this and it’s a file that is potentially executable in some way, Windows labels it as “blocked” when the download completes. This is so it can’t be executed on the downloading machine without specific permission from the machine’s user.

The way to unblock it is to find the file in Windows Explorer and right click it. The popup menu will have a “properties” selection you should click. The properties window will have a button on it labelled “blocked” or “unblock”, or something similar - I can’t remember exactly. Click this button and Windows will unblock it and then Rhino should have no problem with it.

The main point is that it’s the Windows properties, not Rhino properties, where you will find the button.

Thanks, it’s working now!