Struggled a lot on convex surface

v777.3dm (835.9 KB)

Does anyone knows how to build the convex surface in this file? I tried with networksurface and loft but both doesn’t work…
Can anyone tell me the steps?

The surface was made using sweep2 but that’s a very crappy way to do it.

You can get much cleaner trouble-free geometry if you make it as a loft and then trim it back.
In the enclosed file i made the surface by lofting the 4 red curves

V777x.3dm (500.1 KB)

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Thanks Jim, it really works!!!

What jim suggests is called “overbuilding”, a technique that is always worth promoting. Always think like a modelmaker. Build all main surfaces so they intersect. Then trim them back. Rebuild to single span. Last, you apply radii, if so desired.

Never try to draw common edge curves in 3D and build to those edges. Mess ensues.