Need help to complete the polysurface

Hello everyone, I’ve just tried to create my 3D model of bench using loft command. But unfortunately I just stuck in this stage (no.2 in picture). I want to make the model exactly the same shape to the no.1, Do you guys know the trick to make a surface to complete the model? Thanks a lot.
Discuss.3dm (1.7 MB)

I think it’s easier to do such kind of work in subd as you’ll get a lot of control over the form. You can convert it to nurbs later.

Hi Riko -

As I tried to say in your other thread - Remeshing imported igs surface in Rhino - you can’t simply create a single surface out of any object.
As for your down-stream requirements, the picture you showed in that other post is of an object that is a lot more simple than the object you have here.

You can probably use the Contour command to the initial layout but you’ll then have to decide where the more horizontal parts will go…