Creating a loft

I am trying to create a loft and having a hard time with which tools to use. Any recommendations?

Loft will not work here, use NetworkSrf instead. i am not sure how it will react if they upper edge is not split where the curve hits the edge. you can try just straight out of the box and select all 3 curves. if the result does not look perfect because it might create 2 singularities then you can split the upper edge with SplitEdge using the middle curve as a split object and then try NetworkSrf again.

Yeah that didn’t work. I am thinking maybe I can make that bottom nose a separate part and it will basically look like a boat. But what I need help with now is how do I create a line that outlines the part of the bottom this “boat” will join with? For example I have highlighted the lines I want to create. For some reason those lines can only be highlight when attempting to create a surface or networksurface or loft.

what did not work? loft? for the rest you can get proper results if you follow what i have written. since those “curves” only highlight when you make network surface, that means that you are using the surface edges which is anyway better because than you can build the surface with continuity.

if you can share that file then people can have a look.

i tried the network surface

yes as explained that will probably work better when you split the edge in the middle. its still unpredictable without a real file but that might bring you there.

you can also use loft with those 2 curves you highlighted now, but then you have to use SetSurfaceTangent and this will gap out the control of the middle curve.

you can just split off the front with a curve if you dont want to share the whole file.

Attached is the file.

Machine Jet F body.3dm (325.9 KB)

ok so using the adjacent surfaces is not beautiful. you have to use DupEdge to extract the curves for it. then use network Surface. since the nose has a steep tangent getting a continuity will not be possible without creating a bulge, so something like below might be all what is possible without changing the upper geometry. or you use the edges but set them to position on the upper boundary.

Machine Jet F body.3dm (242.6 KB)

yes that looks perfect! So you created edges using Dupedges. I am going to try it on my own now see if I can re create it. Thank you!

What should I do here?

leave it all at position the rest seems ok, depending on if it joins or not joins with the surrounding surfaces you might have to decrease the edge curve value by a zero but i used the same set up so that should work.

here i still have one suggestion, now if this just a model or whatever that will be, i think you should recreate the lower curve once more because its not tangent to the surface it hits into. just use match with tangency on the surface boundary.

yeah I think I need to just re create the entire model. I am going to have to adjust many similar things might as well start all over clean.