How to build such perfect convex surface with fillet?

5.3dm (725.1 KB)

I tried many times to work on such model but still unable to build the CAD similar with the file attached.

Tried with sweep2 but cannot fillet the edges afterwards,
also tried loft but the same problem happened…

Need some help, thank you very much!!

Hi W - I think I’d make these surfaces as trimmed - i.e. oversized and trim them to one another


Thank you Pascal!

But I’m facing some difficulties in trimming…
Those surfaces cannot be joined together after trimming.
Is there any solution for this?
Thank you :slight_smile:!

Hi W - if all of the surfaced fully intersect (including all sides and end caps) then CreateSolid will do the clean up. If you don’t have a fully closed volume bounded by all your surfaces then trimming one by one should work - if you use Intersect to get curves of intersection to trim with you can ExtendCrvOnSrf if they are too short and then trim. However you get there, if the trims come from surface intersections then the results should join along those edges.


I see. Checked again and found gaps between surfaces.
Solved ! Thank you very much for your help!