Stripes in surface

Hey guys,
I imported an object from SOLIDWORKS to render it in rhino. I have these weird stripes on the surfaces.
Normal SOLIDWORKS Format and step makes no difference.
Also tried DivideAlongCreases from another thread in the forum.
So far I haven’t found any solution.
Can anyone help me?


Change to a custom render mesh.
Choose your object(s) and under properties tab you’ve got Render Mesh, press custom and adjust then up the values.

Density: 1
and max angle 2-5 should do the trick

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Post your Rhino file.

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Hi, you could extract one of those surfaces and see if it is a bad object. Might need a rebuild.—-Mark

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Forum_01.3dm (10.8 MB)

Your settings didn’t do anything. But under “simple controls” pulling the slider towards fewer polygons did the trick.


Looks fine here.

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Strange, I guess it must be another of those values that defaults to something other for you then.
A little surprising that a coarser mesh did the trick, usually you have to make a denser one in order to get rid of artifacts like those.

Doesn’t matter though, important thing is that it worked out :slight_smile:

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