Unknown Rendering Issue?

I’m working with a file of a student, and it’s giving them weird issues. Not quite sure how to describe it, but the geometry and commands done to it seems to take fine, but when I bring it into any view style that has to try to ‘render’ it shade it, it gets all crazy. Panning around makes it jittery. Unfortunately I can’t lend insight into how they created it. See attached image and attached file. Note how the white of the surface is shown going in/out of the lines of the surface.

Any help? Sorry this is all a bit vague, I’m just not sure where to start. Rendering I know isn’t the right word, but I feel its a visualization thing.

I’ve tried: opening it on another machine, opening it in Rhino 5, opening it in another file, flattening/exploding/etc.

Issue.3dm (2.9 MB)

Have you checked the render mesh settings?

I checked, and it wasn’t the solution, but it helped find the trick! Thanks!

(it was an issue with scaling, which looking up support for render mesh settings helped identify)