Bad modelling or rendermesh?

R6-whatever.3dm (623.9 KB)
I just built this to work out how to model the ‘roundy’ bit at the top when I noticed these splits. they appear on all four sides and though I have adjusted the render-mesh, I can’t seem to get rid of them. Rhino 6 (latest) standard render mode.

Never mind. Seems to be mesh related, though I can’t seem to find a decent setting to remove them.

Hi Tone - Joining the surfaces should clean that up.


Nope. Joining things together doesn’t do anything.

Try _ShowEdges, maybe there are disconnected naked edges and than _JoinEdge helps.

Hello Micha
Nope. Gone through all that. I think this is definitely something in the render-mesh. If I push the mesh to very high densities it almost disappears. I don’t know if this is trivial or not but something seems wrong.

Maybe it helps to post your mesh settings or your model.

Hello Micha
The model is in the first post (blue writing).

Got it. The surfaces are not accurate. Delete the side quad surfaces and create a new ones per _loft from the left edge to the right edge -> join -> gap is gone.