Stretch object

A simple lack of knowledge that is laughable. How do I trim the piece (Rosewood) that is circled in red to line up with the rebate in the maple molding?
It’s drafting 101/2.


Move face instead of trimming.

The whole face moves , rather than the bottom edge dragging up to the rebate line. Should I turn gumball off?

Move Edge then.

Scale1D could also work, or SolidPtOn to turn on your control points, then in Wireframe view from the side you select all necessary points and move to the desired height (Smart Track could help).

The whole thing moves. It’s faster to redraw it.

Select the face using Ctrl+Shift+Left_Mouse_Click

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Or ExtractSrf with Copy=Yes the surface with the edge you want to trim to. ExtendSrf the extracted surface past the part to be trimmed. BooleanDifference with Delete=Yes the part to be trimmed with the extended surface as the part to subract with.

Thanks - I need to do more reading on this, but that helps.