Possible to trim like this?

is this possible in rhino, here’s an example of what i’d like to be able to do in rhino but i can in solidoworks. i realize somethings can’t be done in rhino that can be done in a solid modeler but it seems like there could be a command that checks if the trimming surface fully intersects the surface to be trimmed, if not then it gets an intersecting curve and extends it all the way out to the boundary of the surface to be trimmed.

any scripts to do this possibly floating around? this would keep me from jumping back and forth, ty

Intersect the surfaces.
ExtendCrvOnSrf the intersection curve on the surface to be trimmed
Trim using the extended curve

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for some reason my fillets aren’t coming up as intersecting, i took this same file in rhino and tried it but it said 0 intersections. is this because they are tangent at that edge?

i macro’ed it out, if i could figure out this intersecting problem as a lot of the surfaces i’ll be working with are fillets i’ll be golden. thanks again.

i got it to work, i don’t need the intersect command, i just run entendcrvonsrf and use surface edges. problem solved! thank you.

That works if the edge of the cutting surface coincides with the surface to be trimmed, or one or two other special situations. Otherwise use the intersection curve.

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